Vol. VII


I am no Amy Winehouse fan, but my opinion is largely a reflection of my own bias and not of her talent. I occasionally put on Macy Gray, Dusty Springfield, and Donna Summer. I often listen to Sarah Vaughn and Etta James. Now, I must say that I am listening to Aimee Anne Duffy quite a bit. Her debut release (not including her real debut release - an ep in Welsh), Rockferry was released March 3 of this year and is approaching one million in sales.

Duffy is 24, has a more-mature-and-sexier-than-Hilary-Duff look, embraces the old school Motown sound and does her own thing with it. I especially like Warwick Avenue, the first video below. However, I recommend that you go here for the official video, as embedding has been disabled. The official video is simple and moving.

The title track from Rockferry is my next favorite:

Then, for a real treat, play this. If you are bored with the studio chatter, advance to the 1:23 mark and catch a load of Syrup & Honey. Trust me.

Finally, her first single, Mercy, is more upbeat but still displays her great range and raw emotion.

I am interested in your opinions of Duffy's music. Also, please feel free to recommend artists you think I'd enjoy. Meanwhile, listen to something good.

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