Vol. V

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I prefer more the songwriter than the performer. I gravitate more toward the deeper meaning than the easy dance step. That said, I enjoy me some ol' school. I love the Commodores, James Gang, Brownsville Station, the Ohio Players... even AC/DC, Madonna, Justin Timberlake... Anyway. My enjoyment of music does have boundaries, but it is a vast, barely-chartered wilderness within that fence. Today, I give you Matt Wertz, a Missouri-born Nashville resident with a nice sound for these breezy, late spring days.

Mr. Wertz has a little of Jack Johnson in his sound. Check out 5:19 and Counting to 100. You can hear more at his MySpace page. His songs have been featured on shows like "Brothers and Sisters", "Kyle XY" and "Wildfire." His music is more "pop" than I generally listen to, but gravitas is so 2004.

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