Jackie Greene has been on my radar since his 2006 release American Myth. Early in his career, he was saddled with the unfortunate expectation of "the next Bob Dylan." Those who know me know that I am very much a Dylan fan. However, labeling some 23 year-old who happens to reveal that he has written a few good songs, who musically resides in that folk-rock-country-blues universe that houses so many others and which Dylan helped create, and who plays harmonica as the next Dylan? Come on. Buy a thesaurus. He does look a little like Dylan, circa Highway 61 Revisited, though....

I recommend his new release, and you can listen to most of it (free) here. I even more strongly recommend checking out "Just as Well" and "Never Satisfied" from American Myth. For a sampling of "Uphill Mountain" off his new release:

View the video for "So Hard to Find My Way" here.

Though it isn't one of my favorite songs by Greene, "Mexican Girl" contains a guitar solo that shows the artist can work the ax. Watch it.

Now, listen to something good.

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