Vol. IV

A few months ago I saw Amos Lee open for Elvis Costello who opened for Bob Dylan. I own seventeen Dylan albums, so I am a fan. I like a few Costello tunes but think he is overrated, unlike his lovely wife, who I think is much better. As for Amos Lee, I would have gone to the concert just to see him. I mentioned him a year or so ago, and Lime listened and became a fan. Now, it's his turn for a Tunesday spotlight.

Lee's third studio release will be coming out soon, and, based on the first two, I will pre-order it. His sound is mellow folk-pop-blues-country. Whatever. He writes simple tunes with decent lyrics. His melodies are smooth and tight. I like his voice. As I said the first time I wrote about him, it says a lot that Dylan picked him to open his tour - and this before Amos Lee's first release had time to hit the shelves. Odds are you have heard him. His tune "Sweet Pea" is used in an AT&T commerical, and some of his songs have been used in various television shows, including House, Brothers & Sisters, Six Degrees, and Grey's Anatomy.

Check out these tunes & videos.

Shout Out Loud



Skipping Stone

Keep it Loose, Keep It Tight ~ one of my faves ~

Now, go listen to something good.

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