Vol. III

...a new soul, in this foreign world, hoping to learn a little....
Israeli songstress, Yael Maim brings a smile to my heart.

free music

Cocoon does the same. Not the movie, mind you, although I love that Don Ameche-Hume Cronyn-Jessica Tandy flick... No, I am speaking of the band behind "On My Way" and this nice acoustic cover of "I Don't Give a Shit." Try not to laugh.

...and to keep on with today's Music-that-makes-me-smile theme, the video for "On My Way" :

If you feel like a liar
If you're about to leave me
If you can't sleep at night

If my bed songs upset you
And if my arms can't warm you
You just have to try

I am such a coward
I could win an award
You may not believe me
But it would be ok

Did you know you're still crying
Did you know that we all did
Is it paradise?

I'm just waiting for the day
That I will find a letter
On the bedroom door

I am such a coward
I could win an award
You may not believe me
But it would be ok

* * * * * * * * * * * *

You may know of Jason Mraz (Mr. A-Z) for songs like "The Remedy," "Curbside Prophet," "I'll Do Anything," "Wordplay," and "Geek in the Pink." He is an incredible wordsmith. Seriously. Way, way seriously. If you love words and a turn of the phrase, purchase Mr. A-Z or Waiting for My Rocket to Come. Meanwhile, I wrote of this following song a year or so ago, as I really love Mraz and have a little crush on Tristan Prettyman. Tristan's debut release Twenty-three is a solid recording which I like a lot. Tristan and Jason wrote a song together, and it is on Tristan's debut. Here is the video. If you like music and enjoy watching really talented musicians, you should like this.

Now, go listen to something good.

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