Vagabond Heart & Feet Stuck in Quicksand

As the weekend descends upon this life, this week, this restlessness, I have an urge to move. Maybe North Carolina or Tennessee or New England... anywhere, really. There are times I yearn for the connections that keep a person happy in one place. I have rarely been that person, though, and if I am not moving my body, I am moving my dreams. Nothing drastic, usually, just slight adjustments as small victories are won and useless battles forsaken.

Just thoughts that fade as night falls and tomorrow's hope drapes me tighter than flannel sheets and memories.... Restlessness, I have found, is best cured with a purpose that outshines the sun of longing, that finds a home and a peace in the dreams that won't go away. Just know that sometimes your purpose obliterates yesterday's dreams and raises up grander ones out of the ashes of who you used to be....

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