Frustrated at the lack of even a moderately cool office space for lease, I decided to return once more to the small town square where I really wanted to open my office in the first place. I was ready to call it quits for a week or so and renew my search then. I had looked on this scenic town square a week ago, to no avail. I can pass it on my way home if I take a two mile detour, so that's what I did. As I turned the southeast corner on the square, I noticed that the art gallery that was on the corner was empty, and the space was for lease. An art gallery, a really nice and cool art gallery.... The space is immaculate, classy, artsy.... and priced less than I had budgeted. Tomorrow I should find out if it will be mine, and if so, then I will bring photos the next time. This venture depicts one type of independence.

Pondering the concept of independence, consider: Christians and non-Christians alike are apt to use the phrase "cross to bear." As in, "well, that's my cross to bear," or some variation of that. I rarely gave much thought to "bearing a cross" or to the fact that Jesus said "pick up your cross and follow me." The other night, though, I did think about it. I thought also about the double-minded nature of most of us. I believe we are born with the nature of the world and the nature of the spirit. When we operate strictly from our worldly nature, we are so much less than we are capable of being. Someone asked me why we are directed to "carry our cross." I think I know the answer now.

First of all, we are instructed to carry it because to expect us to be ready to discard it would be folly. We must carry it. Why? Well, unless you are ready to crucify your worldly nature and walk from that cross residing only in the nature of the spirit, you must carry it. For how long? Until you are ready. When you are ready, you will hang every last bit of crap that is in you upon that cross and walk away a new creation. Now, that is independence.

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