A Poetry Day

Morning Awakening

Never take lightly
Shades of a sunrise slaking
The dark thirst of waking
Hills dressed in early spring
Nightcaps garnered with foglace

Even though Momma’s probably up
By now and the house is one
Big coffeepot steaming done
So I smell coffee outside

I always am a child when I think
Of Poppa and of dreams
And of Momma’s old surprise
The magic coffee sunrise

Never take lightly
All those burnt summer evenings
Between the trees behind the house -
The two dogs chased squirrels
And I sat until the sweat dried

Mostly wondering if dogs cry
They look so like they know some things
I like to run with them at night
In visions tomorrow wide

I sometimes drift away when I spy
Chimney smoke flapping in the wind
And clouds floating vividly
Above a pastoral mountainside

Never take lightly
But the milking and feeding
And mowing need done by noon
Then the fence the far pasture’s needing
Must be up by new moon

Baby brother will soon be here
Pondering the sunrise, reckoning
Son, the tomorrows keep beckoning
Ages pass year by year

I laugh at becoming my parents
Still, their sun shines brightly
The mountains are quenched – time to rise
Long working day – don’t eat lightly


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