Avoiding Dirt

I removed the alternator from the Jeep the other day, had it rebuilt, and reinstalled it. It was 100 degrees outside. For those of you who are not familiar with humidity, have you ever put your face in the steam of boiling water? Imagine walking outside into that steam. Needless to say, I was drenched. I was also dirty. The back of my shirt was covered in dirt from laying on the ground underneath the Jeep. My head was full of sand. My shorts and shirt had dirt and grease stains on them. My hands were black. Totally black. The picture above does not reflect my hands at their dirtiest. I saved approximately $220 having the alternator rebuilt and doing the rest myself. It was worth it to me. I don't mind getting dirty.

I love to work in the yard, both on things that must be done and things I simply want done. I get dirty as any five year old boy with a shovel, a water hose, a pile of dirt, and no supervision can get. No problem.

I have a problem, though, with a willingness to get "dirty" doing other things, more important things. If you have been or are in a relationship, you know there will come a time that you have to work in 120 degree, 70 percent humidity weather. You will break a nail. You will stain your clothes, cut yourself, ruin a perfectly fine and beautiful day, get so dirty that it takes days or weeks to remove it all. That is, if you are willing to work on it as you should, you will get dirty. Sure, maybe you will get lucky and never have to get to that point. Get married. Then get back to me.

I try to solve things as amicably as possible. I try that even long after I realize that hard choices must be made by one of us. Stalling is destroying what good things are still there worth preserving. I try to keep the fan off so the shit doesn't get all over the house, the kid, me, her, the dog, the neighbors, the rest of the family, and CNN and Fox News. Sometimes the fan needs to be on and be on uber-speed. Sometimes you have to trudge through that shit. If you don't, that pile will grow. I know that. I really do. I have a problem with dealing with it for too long, though. By too long, I mean... a day or two? Maybe? Hey, I am good, evidently, at playing with the dirt, the mud, the hose, and the shovel, and the Hot Wheels.... Let me tell you, I can get some kind of dirty. I have been known to track dirt through the house, so to speak. The dirt from the car, from the yard - I clean that up. The other dirt... that metaphorical soil we must encounter at times.... Maybe it will rain really hard tonight.... Meanwhile, I need to take a shower.

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