Circa 1412, resolution refers to "a breaking into parts," from the Latin resolutionem (nom. resolutio) "process of reducing things into simpler forms." Originally the sense of "holding firmly" (in resolute) appeared in 1533.

If you're like me and almost thoughtlessly apply the "expected" meaning of the word we hear so often during the transition from one year to the next, it may give you something to think about to consider the word's origins. In fact, I love the thought that each new year is but a cog in the wheel turning ourselves into a "simpler form." Most of us could use such a change. Technically, removing excess weight, bad habits, and such is, indeed, creating in oneself a "simpler form." Even more technically, or metaphysically (?), each year is part of a process of reducing us to a simpler form - dust.

Enough of that, though. My life is complicated in many ways. Kids can do that to ya. So can marriage. So can divorce. So can a job. And on and on it goes. Therefore, I am giving this resolution bit much more thought this year. I want to achieve a greater, a wiser priority list for my life. I want to have fun, not at the expense of responsibility, but to hell with social norms and societal correctness and expectations. I am not sure about reincarnation. All I know is that I am here now. Tomorrow is a dream for which much hope exists. Until I wake, I will sleep. And before I sleep, I will live.

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